The South Australian Parkour Association offers multiple services to the community, and to you!

We, as an Association and as individual members are available for:

Parkour Workshops / Programs

We have run workshops for many schools and organisations around Adelaide. We provide our own instructors and can bring equipment. Available for people of any level of experience. Also available for private, corporate and council clients.

Demonstrations / Performance

Spectacular entertainment from Adelaide’s most experienced Parkour and Freerunning practitioners. Suitable for events and festivals large and small. We provide the equipment and performers.

Design / Consultation

Looking to design a space for Parkour or get feedback from practitioners? We have helped to create several purpose built playgrounds and pieces of equipment and are the central point of contact for Adelaide’s wider Parkour community.

Regional Outreach

Workshops, instruction and community building in SA’s regional centres. We can organise instructors and equipment, and are passionate about developing a healthy community around the entire state, not just Adelaide.

Prices vary and delivery is flexible for our services. Contact us for a quote!

Email us at for more information on these topics!

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