Our Parkour Services

The South Australian Parkour Association offers multiple services to the community, and to you!

Aside from our regular classes and training, we can arrange from our network:

Parkour Workshops / Programs

We have run workshops for many schools and organisations around Adelaide. We provide our own instructors and can bring equipment. Available for people of any level of experience. Also available for private, corporate and council clients.

Demonstrations / Performance

Spectacular entertainment from Adelaide’s most experienced Parkour and Freerunning practitioners. Suitable for events and festivals large and small. We provide the equipment and performers.

Design / Consultation

Looking to design a space for Parkour or get feedback from practitioners? We have helped to create several purpose built playgrounds and pieces of equipment and are the central point of contact for Adelaide’s wider Parkour community.

Regional Outreach

Workshops, instruction and community building in SA’s regional centres. We can organise instructors and equipment, and are passionate about developing a healthy community around the entire state, not just Adelaide.

Prices vary and delivery is flexible for our services. Contact us for a quote!

Email us at for more information on these topics!


“Just wanted to feedback to you after the first parkour workshop. It was brilliant! Travis broke the work down into ability- and age-appropriate activities for the boys, and they were completely engaged by him. Apart from content the delivery was superb and had the boys on-task the whole time (with the exception of two or three who weren’t about to try anything new in front of peers – one parent even e-mailed me to try to get his son out of it! But they all tried at least something and it was very non-threatening). The whole things was completely calm, professional, controlled and very very enjoyable. The boys kept saying how much fun it was as they went and I was pleased to see some of the more reluctant students challenging themselves.

The boys were full of the experience afterwards, several wishing they could train further. There were also good values such as persistence and patience modelled along with the material. The boys chatted with me at lunch time and were already making good connections between the skills involved and moves they recognised from clips I had showed them in preparation. There was a lot of information which I think taught the boys the mountain of knowledge and skills behind the art which can also relate to several areas of film. I think there was a lot of respect fostered not only for Travis’ amazing skills but for the hard work and commitment that goes into this form of stagecraft (which it is to my mind!).

Hopefully you’ll get a chance to drop in for a look on Wednesday, but if not I would thoroughly recommend this workshop in future for any age group in the senior school. I fed back to Bob who seemed to be satisfied re Health and Safety issues and is now looking at booking Travis for his Year 7s (if autistic students can manage it).

Thanks for organising this, I am really pleased it was brought onto my horizon for future use with students, and I enjoyed it very much. A very worthwhile workshop with an excellent presenter.”

Louisa, boys high school drama teacher

“The parkour workshop was the most fun I ever had and I learnt a lot from it even within the couple of hours we had to experiment and learn. my favourite move to learn was the cat pas mainly because it looked so cool and required lots of skill and practice to learn. over all the workshop was fun for every, athletic or not, and was taught extremely well.” 

Year 8 Student, email to teacher

“It was really great – the event went well and we were so pleased with your involvement in it- please thank everyone for coming over- it is a long trip. I am keeping my eye out for grant opportunities to facilitate an EP tour”

Regional visit organiser/contact

“I started PK in my mid 30’s, and really wish I would have started sooner. It’s had a major positive impact on my quality of life, and I look forward to doing sick jumps well into old age.”

Will, Student

“you guys did a tremendous job in both bump in, performing and bump out. Real pleasure to work with you.” 

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