New Class 'Parkour Principles' launching

Short version – we’re announcing a new 8 week workshop, in which each week will focus on a different aspect of Parkour training! Booking required. If you’re interested, read below, message us and join the group.

Long version – Parkour has a strong culture which is built around common understanding of related ideas, philosophies, training methods and principles. This workshop aims to give an introduction to some of these concepts. Each week will have a different focus. For that reason it is preferable to attend each week of the full 8 week workshop. Week by week, these are;

Wk 1 – Be Strong to Be Useful
Wk 2 – Muscle Memory and Repetitions
Wk 3 – Hard Work – Strength and Conditioning Mindset
Wk 4 – Teamwork -We Start Together, We Finish Together
Wk 5 – Focus
Wk 6 – Conquering Fear
Wk 7 – Creativity
Wk 8 – To Be and to Last

If you feel like you don’t understand one or more of these, or how they relate to Parkour and your training, this is a good opportunity for you.

By the end of this workshop, you should be able to train more effectively and have an understanding of how Traceurs (Parkour practitioners) think and problem solve. Most importantly, you should be able to think for yourself and drive your own training.