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Become a SAPA Point A Supporter and help us grow!

Something that people often ask when they walk into Point A for either a South Australian Parkour Association class, or just a parkour Open Warehouse session is “how do you afford this?” The answer to that question is quite simply: YOU! It is only through the generous donations made by members of the community that SAPA is able to afford to rent the space in Point A for Parkour specific use, week in and week out. Without these donations, SAPA would simply not be able to afford to have this amazing space to use to train in and enjoy.

Previously these donations were collected through people slipping some cash into the Donation Box in the sitting/chillout area of Point A, and while that has worked well enough to a point in the past- not everyone carries money with them all the time, especially when out training.

So in this vein, we’re pleased to announce that through the power of the internet and MoonClerk, you can now donate money to the South Australian Parkour Association and Point A online directly, either as a one off donation, or on a reoccurring basis.

By becoming a SAPA Point A Supporter you are helping to ensure that we can keep this amazing space open for use for everyone, and continue to grow and promote our local community.
We think the ability to come into Point A both as a place to train, as well as just meet up with and socialise with others of like-mind is pretty special. Help us keep that going. We need your help.