Holiday Times and Breaks 2019/20

An update on our activities as we head into the silly season!

Holiday Breaks for Regular Parkour Classes:
Sunday Outdoor City Classes

  • End on the 15th Dec (with a special event in planning)
  • Start on the 12th Jan

Thursday Point A classes

  • End on the 19th Dec
  • Start on the 9th Jan

Monday Point A kids classes

  • End 9th Dec
  • Start on the 3rd of Feb

Partnered kids classes –

Tuesday Blackwood Rec and Wednesday Cirkidz run with the school term, so will;

  • End on the 10th and 11th Dec
  • Start on the 28th and 29th Jan (respectively).

Open Warehouse at Point A

  • Xmas Week
    • Mon Dec 23 – CLOSED
    • Wed Dec 25- CLOSED
    • Thu Dec 26 – [Boxing Day Training] 
    • Fri Dec 27 – Open 1-5:30pm
    • Sat Dec 28- CLOSED
  • NY Week
    • Mon Dec 30 – CLOSED
    • Wed Jan 1 – CLOSED
    • Fri Jan 3 Open 1-5:30pm
    • Sat Jan 4 – Monthly Jam! 1-6pm
  • Back to Normal
    • Mon Jan 6 – Regular OW times resume

Regular times: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat at 1-5:30pm

Holiday programs:

We will be running our week-long Parkour immersion experience for kids/teens again in the week of 13-17 Jan. More details to come soon.
There are also kids holiday sessions at Blackwood Rec (Jan) and Cirkidz (Dec and Jan) – contact them for more info.

Details on all these classes can be found on our Parkour class listings page.

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