SAPA Quest Hub Launches

Attention Adelaide Parkour! We’re starting a new kind of community hangout to help grow parkour in SA. Come to Point A at 20 Gunson St Adelaide this Monday night at 6:30 pm to see what’s in the works!

You might know that SAPA is a not-for-profit association built from our community and for our community, but you probably don’t know how best to get involved. Well the short answer is… come along on Monday night!

The long answer is that we’re polishing up a one year plan for bringing our ideas to life right now and we could use your help to get it all happening.

The plan is for all of us who want to grow our sport to meet up at our office fortnightly, get stuck into some pizza and find out how we can all work together.

On the day you can take up jobs of any size or involvement as homework according to your skills and interests. This could be anything from filming some jumps to build hype, to cleaning up our favourite spots, to drumming up leads for instructing work or forming teams to tackle our core projects.

SAPA has always been built from the passion and dedication of the parkour community. Let’s launch another chapter of our journey together and see how much we can grow the practice we love. Please let us know you are coming via message or email contact@sapa.san.auSee you Monday night!

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