Adelaide Parkour Sunday classes (re)starting!

It’s been a long time coming, but our core Parkour Classes – the Sunday outdoor city sessions – will begin on the 10th of July!

Class Photo
A Parkour class in progress in Adelaide

Check the end of this post for the new meeting place and other class details.

We have spent the last 6 months focusing on qualifying our people under the new Australian Parkour Association qualification – requiring a robust breadth and depth of knowledge as well as physical ability. Most of us were very close as we were before, but the testing is rigorous and allows for no weak areas, so we all had something to address!

We have sorely missed these classes and are very excited to begin them again. After running these consistently for 5 years, it has been very interesting to see the community adapt to their absence over the last 6 months – and a lot of other great things have been happening. Thanks to all of those community members who showed some leadership during this time and continued to welcome newcomers to Parkour in various ways, just like the old days before we had classes.

Apologies if you’ve been waiting a while, or got confused about our classes while they haven’t been running!

Class Details

Rundle Mall Gawler Place Canopy
The meeting point – with some interesting folks waiting..

Sundays, 3-6pm, 2:45pm sign-in time. $10. Meet near the corner of Rundle Mall and Gawler Place at the large silver canopy. If there is something set up in the way we will be nearby, likely away from the mall.

A waiver is needed for your first class (under 18s can bring a parent or print and sign beforehand). We train every Sunday – public holidays included (usually ~4 canceled per year for Christmas, NYE, and the national gathering in early October). This means you need to come prepared to train in the conditions – whether that means pouring rain or intense heat. Be on time, as the group will often disappear to another location at 3:00pm.

If you have any questions – check the updated class listings page – or you can contact us. Remember that your instructors, and the people responding to your messages, are all volunteers!

See you on Sunday as we take over the streets of Adelaide once again!

APA Class Feb 20