Hackham West Parkour Park Opening

In consultation with the Onkaparinga City Council and Southern Adelaide Parkour group Vertical Freedom – SAPA was very happy to be involved in the opening of a brand new purpose built Parkour training park, in the Southern Adelaide suburb of Hackham West.

The facility is in Warsaw Reserve – a park which has beautiful views of the coast – and which the council felt was being under-utilised. The park was designed in direct consultation with members of SAPA – and the end result is very exciting. A variety of materials – from large boulders and tree stumps, to concrete and metal scaffolding, means there is a huge amount of opportunity for movement, exploration and challenges for all skill levels.

The design of the park also means that diverse classes can be run there easily. Some of the SAPA instructors helped around 40 beginners to try Parkour for the first time.

We are very happy with the results, and hope that not only does this park help build and strengthen the Parkour community in Adelaide, but helps to facilitate SAPA’s involvement with other projects of a similar nature in the future!

Here are some scenic shots of the space –

Please feel free to use it as much, and as creatively as possible!