Tyre's Birthday Jam! 5th Anniversary Monthly Jam!



This year we’re combining two of the best events in the Adelaide Parkour calendar.
60 Monthly Jams down.
4 years with everyone’s best friend, the wonderful Point A tyre.
The holiday season is starting.
Come and celebrate.
Tell a friend.


Saturday December 3rd at 1pm

Tyre jam looks like this:
We will depart Point A at 1pm. We’ll take the tyre on a tour of training spots (stay tuned in this event to join up).
By 8:30pm (after dinner) we’ll end up at Square Fire / Fire Festival in Vic Square to see our Point A friends put on an epic free fire show.

This is one you don’t want to miss.

What is this?

Adelaide Parkour is a loose name to refer to anyone in SA who does Parkour, Freerunning, l’art du déplacement, etc etc.

Beginners, students from classes, photo & film, spectators, anyone is welcome. Come and introduce yourself.

This is our monthly free-for-all get together. Each month on the first Saturday we all meet, and do something movement related. Sometimes we stick as a large group, sometimes we split off into smaller groups depending on who wants to try/do/see what.

Check out the Adelaide Parkour Facebook for more information: Adelaide Parkour