Women’s* Parkour Classes

A 6 week term of indoor parkour classes designed to introduce and develop the fundamental movements and concepts of parkour. Starting Tuesday 11th February 2020.

SAPA is excited to launch our first ever term of women’s* parkour classes!

This program will teach and develop the basics of parkour in an inclusive, community focused environment. Our goal with these classes is to connect more women* with, and expand the Adelaide Parkour Community. These sessions are suitable for all skill and fitness levels. Complete beginners and familiar faces are all welcome and strongly encouraged to come!

*These classes are inclusive of all women and femme folk, including trans women and any non-binary people more comfortable in a primarily femme space.



SAPA Booking System!

Note that in our booking system the 6 week pack and bring a friend deal will be at the bottom of the list. For guidance about the booking process or to contact us with any concerns, jump to the bottom part of this page.


  • Water bottle
  • Comfy clothes you can freely move around in
  • Shoes that are flexible and tactile, single-piece rubber sole preferred. (Avoid stiff skate shoes, running shoes with plastic arches or thick heels, or expensive/fragile shoes you’re afraid to dirty or damage)


  • First aid trained and fully equipped.
  • Working With Children / Vulnerable People checks.
  • Active members of the Australian Parkour Association, and the Adelaide Parkour training community.
  • Well-trained and practiced facilitators giving a firm foundation of technique with an emphasis on safety and sustainable training practices.
  • Use current sports science best-practice to guide their training and coaching.


We seek to strike a balance between exploration/autonomy and guidance/instruction. Providing a way for people to engage personally with risk and fear in a controlled way – this is one of our most powerful offerings. Inherent in this approach is letting people make their own mistakes (within certain bounds) which can lead to bumps, bruises, and scrapes. However, this reduces the potential for bigger injuries and mistakes long-term and is an important part of the Parkour learning experience.


Each week we will explore different techniques and components of parkour including: 

  • Basic techniques: running, jumping, landing, climbing, vaulting, rolling, and much more
  • Exploration of movement through games and play
  • Individual and group challenges
  • Movement and skill development
  • Strength and conditioning for the body
  • Mobilisation and dynamic stretching
  • Development of flow and control
  • Confronting and overcoming risk and fear
  • Creative and self-expression through movement

Through these activities and the leadership of our Instructor team, we foster and develop:

  • The skills needed to train safely and sustainably
  • Resilience and anti-fragility
  • Assessment and management of risk 
  • An appreciation and connection with out training environment
  • Leadership, problem-solving skills, and initiative 
  • Community atmosphere
  • Development of training concepts like strength, endurance, and flexibility

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Movement is not simply a set of actions, movement is about overcoming and adapting to mental and emotional obstacles as well as physical barriers.” – David Belle (founder of Parkour)

Parkour is a very broad-based training discipline. Fundamentally, it is about preparing for a reach or escape situation (the ‘flight’ to the martial arts ‘fight’). We train by learning how to move through the world around us – using the environment, wherever we are, to challenge ourselves and become stronger. A non-competitive discipline, Parkour is underpinned with a philosophy of self-improvement and developing useful strength and ability. This knowledge translates to our everyday life, and the ability to both think and move to our full potential.

As children, we naturally want to explore their environment by climbing, crawling, balancing, jumping and more. As adults, this is often discouraged. It is our privilege to re-introduce efficient, practical, creative, and safe movement to adults.

Practice of Parkour in an authentic way (as we provide access to) creates a very unique and potent mixture of physical and psychological cultivation. Parkour is an intrinsically motivating discipline and a central part of Parkour is finding your own way to move, while recognising one’s limitations. This makes parkour ‘radically inclusive’ and self-differentiating in nature. In other words, people can come up with their own movements and solutions and still do it ‘right’. This cultivates a sense of competence for any diversity of people, and carries the potential to motivate those who are usually withdrawn or hesitant in formal physical practices.

Parkour also offers a unique way to face and overcome fear in a safe environment. This is likely to develop a practitioner’s sense of self-efficacy, self-esteem and self-confidence. By necessity, Parkour calls for responsibility towards your own body, others, and the environment. In addition, on a purely physical level Parkour is an exceedingly versatile sport and develops practitioners’ fundamental movement skills, agility, strength, flexibility, and endurance in a well rounded way.


We reserve the right to cancel sessions at any time if there are serious safety or operational concerns. If bookings are too low then we reserve the right to cancel and will inform you at least 48 hours in advance. If we have to do this we will refund you proportionally.

You may also make cancellations with a full refund if more than 48 hours before the appointment (contact us via email to arrange). You can also reschedule your booking to another session with open space, up to 12 hours out.

If this is your first time training at Point A, you will need to sign a waiver (under 18’s will need their parent guardian to sign). You can download and print it here, or we will have them at the session.


Any questions, concerns, booking problems, or feedback please contact the SAPA team via or our social media channels.


Head to our booking page via the button below, or at this link:

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Bookings must be made more than 12 hours before the start time of the session. If it is after this time, message the SAPA Facebook page to find out if there is still room in the class. Alternatively, you can still just come to class – however, there may not be spots available for that week.

Booking Instructions / Troubleshooting

Booking the ‘6 week package’ in our system unfortunately does not automatically book you into the individual sessions. After confirming payment you’ll need to continue to ‘apply’ the package to the day bookings – there will be a link on the confirmation page and in your email. When you are booking the days​ use your email address or the code emailed to you (you can add all 6 to one transaction using the ‘Add This Time..’ option) to ‘redeem’ your package. If you get stuck, get in touch and we’ll make sure you have your spot reserved.​

The 6 week deal, the weekly bookings and the Bring-a-Friend deal, all allow you to purchase for multiple people at once. Check for the box on the top right before you start the booking process (on the days) or in the checkout (for the package). When entering names in a booking for multiple people, it is ok for efficiencies sake to just enter one person’s name.

Again, any questions, concerns, booking problems, or feedback please contact the SAPA team via or our social media channels.