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A Parkour class in progress in Adelaide

The South Australian Parkour Association (SAPA) is a non-profit association that aims to facilitate, promote and protect South Australian Parkour.

We run regular Parkour classes in Adelaide, organise and participate in local community events and act as spokespeople for SA Parkour. Our instructors are also regularly contracted to schools or other organisations for small or ongoing projects.

If you are looking for information on public Parkour classes, check the Parkour classes in Adelaide page.

The services we offer include workshops, demonstrations, school programs, design consultation and an array of different projects and teaching. For a basic overview have a look at our Services Page. We can facilitate and cater to a broad range of needs so feel free to get in touch. If you are interested or have any questions head to the Contact Page.

Connect to the community

To connect with the Adelaide Parkour community, ask questions, see videos and be informed of casual training meet-ups and general Parkour chatter, there is:


For event updates, information on Open Warehouse, class reminders and a better idea of the wider Australian (and global) Parkour community there is:


Another page worth mentioning is the Point A Facebook page. Point A functions as HQ for SAPA and as well as providing an indoor parkour training space is host to a number of non-parkour classes as well.


Worth noting is that on the first Saturday of every month we have the ‘Monthly Jam’ where everyone gets together to train and catch up. Point A offers FREE training for the day. People from ALL levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to come along, as it is a great way to get familiar with the friendly faces of Adelaide Parkour. Keep an eye on the Facebook Page for reminders.


We run several public class times. Our main classes are the Sunday afternoon sessions, which have been running since 2010. These outdoor classes are appropriate for a large range of skill levels and an age range of 10-50+. While you are shown around the major training locations of Adelaide city, we focus on movement and technique and educate you in the concepts of Parkour and physical training.

We also host classes in other venues and locations around Adelaide. For full class index see the Parkour classes in Adelaide page.

News and Announcements

Social pages, websites and newsletters for the three relevant groups for Adelaide.

The Australian Parkour Association (APA)

National news, videos, and general information.

South Australian Parkour Association (SAPA)

News, local videos, events, jams, training and classes

Point A

Community hub and SAPA HQ.

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