Sunday city sessions re-launch

Greetings from your local chapter of crazy jumping people.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on some long-term planning and renewing our team’s vision. As a result we have a some exciting things to announce over the next little while as COVID restrictions ease. So stay tuned.

For now we just have a couple of immediate updates about things you can come to (in-person!).

Those eager for our indoor kids programs to resume, rest assured we will be in touch as soon as they have start dates, but no definite news for now..

Main Community Class Restarts

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Our main community class on Sunday afternoons is returning post-COVID! The team has decided to relaunch them as free semi-formal sessions, and renew our focus on training up our instructor base and exploring new ideas. Students will be encouraged to make a donation by signing up as a SAPA Supporter in our donation portal, or making a one-time donation. COVID-19 controls will be in place in line with our current policies.

This is our favourite program, because you also get to explore our city of Adelaide! It works really nicely if you come and try it as a family (if that’s possible for you). For kids under 15 we ask that the parent comes along with the group until we get to know you both.

Sessions run from 3pm to 6pm, bookings are essential and are open now.

Parkour Community

It is also worth mentioning that classes are not the only way to get involved in the Parkour community – there is a Facebook Group for general chat, and we also help organise informal community training and meet-ups (jams). You can also see cool jumps and stuff on our Instagram @saparkourassn.

On the first Saturday of every month we have the ‘Monthly Jam’ where everyone gets together to train and catch up. People from ALL levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to come along, as it is a great way to get familiar with the friendly faces of Adelaide Parkour.

This month we finally return to in-person Monthly Jams, and we are hosting this one at the Oaklands Rd Recreation Plaza (Parkour and Skate park) in Marion.

Monthly Jam Facebook Event

We are also gathering interest for starting new sessions around Adelaide, so if you would like to see something start in your area, get in touch!

As always, if you have any specific questions feel free to reply to us at

See you on the streets!

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