Returning to training post-COVID

As COVID-19 restrictions ease in SA, we are working hard behind the scenes to start teaching and organising events again. If there was ever a time to get stuck into an outdoorsy, non contact, individual-but-social sport it’s now!

We are glad to announce that we will be kicking off with the Monthly Jam on June 6th, and returning to our classic Sunday community classes from June 7th.

Other classes and sessions will follow as various host venues reopen and restart their programming. This includes our kids classes at Blackwood and Cirkidz.

As for Point A Parkour classes and Open Warehouse time – we are in discussions with Point A with the intent to be part of a reopening, but there are still a lot of factors in play that means Point A may or may not be able to continue post-COVID.

We will post specific announcements (and launch class bookings) one by one. To keep in the loop you can turn on notifications for our posts on facebook, or you can subscribe to our mailing list.

We’ll see you hanging around our concrete jungle soon!

 – The SAPA Team

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